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Tuesday, 23 June 2015



  The Apple introduces the latest and best operating system that is  IOS 9. The IOS 9 is specially designed for software builting up in apps, Once the IOS 9 Where used you should said to every one this operating system is simply superb.

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  In the apple IOS9 having a number of applications, generally this apps are specially designed for you because of you can used in daily like mails, messages, business notes, maps. 
          The news application is helpful for human beings because of whats going on the world, Which type of news want you can enter the search bar and you can choose your particular news and enjoy it. Basically this application is better for employees why because They are having a less time where using apple ios 9

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   This application is added to the display screen, and it also help for the stories, articles what ever you want to you can read. The application news taking out the best appearance to the readers. one of the better feature is you can print the news in your apple iphones or ipads, and thid feature is applicable for both devices.

 In the news application having a billions of topics is there.If, one of the topic is interested you can put in to the favorites.


          The Notes application may better compare previous operating systems because, It having a number of features in it. They are discussed below......

Note it with a pic:

     The ios 9 having a better feature. first of all you can open the notes application and you can captured the photo. In this photo  you can read everything. 
Note it with a sketch:

   In this use the finger and draw something automatically will appear in your note.

        Generally the maps are very important in your life. because of transportation easily and simply, earlier the transport companies is necessary to use the maps application. This application can gives the direction, transit view.

          This application you can used in Apple Pay purchases by any debit card , credit card, actually I don't know how cards are using the people through out world that cards are valid . The wallet application gives the rewards. this app included in both apple iphones and ipads.


           This application can be used in car. This application moves simply and without plugging in car.this app applicable in both iphones and ipads.

ios 9, ipads, iphones, apple


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