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Thursday, 11 June 2015

Apple iphone 7 features

Apple iphone 7 features::--
apple iphone 7

        The another new update on apple that is IPHONE 7.the new future of this apple iphone 7 is the disply   is greater than the iphone 6 plus,and it having the thin body,having better camera,battery is slightly greater than the iphone 6 plus.the apple iphone 7 ios is advanced technology. here, multitasking is goning to improved as well as siri is going to be improved the several new number of  features are as follows.....
        one of the most important thing in apple iphone7 several new features like the Control centre,Notification centre, Find my iphone, Today, and Safari are to be added on. the features of apple iphone 7 are Right from wheather forecasting to the traffic report to somebody's birthday,by showing on with the help of Notification center,and we can change the screen display with the help of the Control center.

yThe screen size is bigger than the iphone this apple iphone 7 is comfortable by watching the videos and super clarity. like apple watch, apple can use SAPPHIRE GLASS  to create the display that is  far more durable and resistant than gorilla glass.this may be help the users to deal with major concern of brocken screens.
apple iphone 7


                 The present generation every body having a phone and it utilizes in different way that is like crazy over cameras and selfies .the apple iphone 7 ensures that do not carry any digital camera ever in your bag again. the iphone 7  back camera  14 mega pixel, front camera having 4 mega pixel.

                   The processor is the back bone of any smart phone like apple iphone 5,5s, 6, 6plus, 7. apple has always developed the best of technology and architecture in place to give you a faster and better performance.An apple iphone 7 is not going to be an exception too. Rumors are pointing towards a quad-core A9 processor or even a better one that will take multi-tsaking on apple iphone 7.

               The iphone 6 plus alredy given the storage options up to 128 GB .The new generation of this apple iphone 7  it gives the storage up to 256 GB or more.

4G Connectivity::--

           The apple iphone 7 will let you enjoy the unhindered Internet streaming with support for 4G connectivity currently offered by AT & T and sprint.  

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