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Saturday, 11 July 2015


WHATSAPP BANNED IN UK WITHIN WEEKS                                               

  • Messaging your mates on WhatsApp might currently be a issue of the past.
  • The popular app is facing a complete United kingdom ban as new laws being hurried through would stop individuals causation any style of encrypted messages.

  • WhatsApp, iMessage and Snapchat Currently ascent the communications between users and if they do not adapt they'll face a ban.

  • Speaking earlier this year David Cameron warned: “In our citizenry, we have a tendency to can we  need to permit a way of communication between individuals that we cannot read?”

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  • "My answer to it question isn't any we tend to should not."
  • "If i'm Prime Minister, i will be able to certain confirm,certify,ensures make certain check that it's a comprehensive piece of legislation that produces sure we tend to don't enable terrorist safe areas to speak with one another In Whatsapp."
  • And the contentious law, nicknamed the 'snoopers charter', might be in situ by the season.
  • Home Secretary nun could, has been warned that the govt can push the legislation through – with the recent terrorist atrocities in African nation and France forcing the govt to act quickly.


  • Enjoy WhatsApp if you continue to well in the world.
  • Britons might see the vastly fashionable cross-platform app BANNED strict new laws on social media and on-line electronic messaging services.

  • The  Prime Minister of uk David Cameron is pressing ahead with new the    legislation that plans to prevent folks from causation any style of encrypted messages.

  • A number of fashionable technology messaging services – as well as WhatsApp, iMessage and Snapchat – presently scramble communications between their users.
  • If the disputed new legislation is passed within the coming back weeks all 3 services may well be illegal within the uk.
  • “In our nation, we have a tendency to can we wish to permit a method of communication between individuals that we cannot read?” explained Prime Minister Cameron earlier this year.

  • "My answer to it question is: 'No, we have a inclination to can't’.”

  • Private on-line communications are opened-up by the "Snooper's Charter" – or the investigative Powers Bill, to grant the bill its full title – which needs net service suppliers, phone firms and technology corporations like Google, Apple, Facebook and WhatsApp to stay a record of all of your activity.


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