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Monday, 10 August 2015


Designed for work and play, the Nexus IX options a just-right 8.9”display touch screen with front-facing speakers for made music and video. 64-bit processor drives productivity and play to new levels, with intuitive voice answering commands and automatic humanoid updates that keep you on the leading edge. Total device integration makes it mobile and access to over 1,000,000 apps makes it wonderful. Meet Nexus 9: For movers and manufacturers.

Just-right 8.9” computer screen provides gorgeous amusement from a conveyable business tool. that includes a brushed metal frame with soft grip back, front facing speakers for immersive audio and seamless integration with all of your devices.Detachable keyboard folio (sold separately) attaches to the rear of your Nexus nine magnetically and pairs wirelessly via Bluetooth.

Stay productive whereas you’re on the move with the detachable Nexus IX Keyboard Folio. Responsive mechanical keyboard applications a black animal skin exterior and wireless Bluetooth pairing.Convert your Nexus nine to a digital computer with magnetic snap-and-go ease that won’t slow you down.

Designed for work and play, Nexus nine combines a brushed metal body and soft grip back with the most effective of Google and golem for just about limitless recreation content and business tools.

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  • 8.9” display touch screen
  • Front-facing stereo speakers
  • Access to over 1,000,000 apps
  • Automatic robot updates
  • Seamless device integration
Nexus IX  back flip cover having a transforms for expanded practicality. Bending one corner of the foldaway cover launches the camera, bending 2 corners turns the case into a convenient stand.
The magnetically connectedabsolutely responsive keyboard permits you to kind at totally different angles. oversubscribed one by one, it helps you to get more stuff done on this reception, at the workplace and on the go.

Easily switch between writing documents, browsing the internetlook movies and being attentive to music.Nexus devices get the most recent operating system OS updates initial in order that you have got a best superior software package on google nexus IX expertise.Sound is additional immersive, stratified and distortion-free with front-facing HTC Boom Sound speakers.Built with a skinny edge, brushed metal sides, clean lines and distinctive colors, the Nexus nine pillis sleek and durable.


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