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Wednesday, 5 August 2015


BES 12 helps you to firstly and with efficiency manage enterprise quality across iOS, Android (including Android for Work and Samsung KNOX Workspace), Windows Phone and BlackBerry devices. It permits gives you to strike the proper balance between providing your workers the device  alternative they have whereas keeping your organization's confidential knowledge secure.

BES12 provides Associate in Nursing attribute-driven, endpoint-permissions new model that permits you to manage devices, applications and information, by-person or by-group, from one console and in any possession best model, from BYOD (bring your own device), to COPE (corporate in handin person  enabled) and COBO (corporate in hand business only). It options a strong fashionable design with high measurability to deploy giant numbers of devices thus you'll be able to expand your quality fleet once needed. BES12 is at the guts of your Enterprise ecosystem

  • Manage iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry
  • Supports Android for Work and Samsung KNOX space 
  • On-premise or cloud-based choices 
  • Easy-to-use for big enterprises and tiny business alike
  • Reliable and secure infrastructure
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Whether you are a better version small-to-medium sized business longing for seamless growth and economical collaboration, or an over sized enterprise wanting to increase versatile, secure quality to your men, BES12 Cloud will be the quality management system for you. It offers a reasonable and secure management resolution for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry devices.
BES12 Cloud uses a web-based interface that does not need any server installation. Go from purchase a new model to service handiness in minutes.
Quickly change your workers with mobile access to knowledge on either a private or company owned the device. and it also having a self-service choicesyou'll conjointly scale back prices by permitting workers to activate, reset device passwords, and lock/wipe/disable a lost device.
Manage all endpoints through one, consolidated, easy to utilize console. whether or not you've got BES5, BES10 or the other EMM platform you'll upgrade to BES12 simply.

If you select BES12 Cloud, since it utilizes a web-based browser interface that doesn’t need server installation, you'll go from purchase to service handiness in minutes.

BlackBerry’s security multi os BES 12 is trusty by thousands of enterprises around the world. mistreatment encoding, containerization, application wrapping and BlackBerry’s secure infrastructure, BES12 locks down your mission critical information each on device and in-transit.2

With BlackBerry Secure Enterprise property, all mobile management traffic passes through one port behind your firewall, via through the world renowned secure network, to make sure user privacy & information security. BlackBerry Secure Connect and works with iOS, Android, Windows smartphone and BlackBerry devices, protective your most vital plus your business information.

BES12 is made on well-tried security you'll trust.


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