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Sunday, 4 October 2015


The Software on your BlackBerry smartphone or tab powers the options and practicality you're keen on. By update that softwareyou'll be able to relish new options or enhancements.
By updating your BlackBerry PlayBook tab OS,you may be ready to relish new options or enhancements. These are divided into 2 ways that to update your OS:
1.Directly from your Tab
2.Using desktop Software

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1.Directly from your Tab:

You can use BlackBerry Desktop software to appear for and install updates on your Tab. Once you have got it put in on your laptopmerely connect your Tab to your laptop and open BlackBerry Desktop software, then click Update.

2.Using desktop Software:

New BlackBerry Bridge options within the PlayBook OS 2.0 let your BlackBerry smartphone act as a keyboard and mouse for your PlayBook supplying you with wireless device of your Tabto require advantage of those new optionstake care to update to the most recent version of the BlackBerry Bridge app on your smartphone.

Install the newest version of the BlackBerry PlayBook OS to confirm you've got access to the newest options and practicality on your BlackBerry PlayBook Tabsoftware system updates are free,are performed over the air, over a Wi-Fi association, and take just about quarter-hour to finishyou'll be able to conjointly update your software system by victimization the appliance loader within theBlackBerry Desktop software system.

To update the software system on your Tab, you want to be connected to a Wi-Fi network. A notification can seem once a software system update is obtainableto look at your updates, faucet the software system Notification icon. to start downloading your software system update, tap Update. To settle the software system update, faucet Restart.


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