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Friday, 9 October 2015


The surface book is the ultimate laptop and it screen resolution ultra thin , meticulously crafted, with incredible screen And it can use in either laptop or tablet also.

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  • Surface Book is that the initial of its kind. This innovative and spectacularly crafted portable computer could be a artistic powerhouse, designed to adapt to the manner you're employed with bit, a Pen, or a mouse.
  • Surface Book transforms into 3 totally different configurations, adapting to the manner that you simply work and also the places wherever you produce.
  • The first full portable computer has arrived within the Surface family. Surface Book could be a powerful portable computer with a full sized, back lit keyboard for quick and natural typewriting.
  • The 13.5” Pixel Sense show detaches simply from the keyboard to become a skinnylight weight tab that works utterly with One Note and Surface Pen.

  • Turn the screen around and reattach it to use Surface Book sort of a artistic canvas. By reconnecting it to the keyboard, you unlock its full artistic power in a very pen 1st mode.
  • Surface Book is made to be an inventive workhorse. Combining a sixth information Intel Core i5 or i7 processor with up to 16GB1 of memory and an non mandatory distinct graphics chip.
  • With an non mandatory distinct graphics chip, Surface Book is made for even the foremost intensive artistic tasks like picture and video piece of writing.
  • Use the multi-touch Pixel Sense screen and Surface Pen to make with all the desktop software package you already use, like Adobe Photoshop and creative person.

  • Surface Book is that the inventive professional’s portable computer, designed to power through skilled grade photograph and video redaction.
  • The best Windows ever, with uncountable new options you’ll love. Like innovations in security, personalization, and productivity.
  • Surface Book works absolutely with the complete suite of workplace product,3 driving your productivity to new heights.
  • Write directly on webpages with Surface Pen within the all-new Microsoft Edge browser and share your notes simply.
  • Surface Book has all the ability you’ll would like for even the foremost stern inventive apps. Use Adobe software with a pen or mouse.

  • Surface Book’s one amongst a sort hinge folds and detaches to remodel from portable computer, to writing board mode, so into an original canvas.
  • Click and hold the highest of Surface Pen to activate Cortana,2 your actually personal digital assistant.With one click of Surface Pen, a blank OneNote page seems for fast notes.
  • With Palm Block technology you'll rest your hand on the screen to jot down naturally, rather like a pad of paper.Surface Book uses Muscle Wire to carry its screen in situ firmlywhereas still permitting it to detach utterly with the push of a button.
  • Surface Pen combines 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity with low latency for a true pen on paper feeling.Turn your Surface into a productivity powerhouse with these accessories.


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